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Welcome! Check out our ever-expanding range of resources related to the use of geophysical surveying methods in the environmental, geological, geotechnical, and structures sectors.
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  • Technical Reference Manual
    View or download our latest technical reference document covering the most commonly used geophysical techniques and applications.
  • Application Fact Sheets
    Download factsheets on the range of services we offer.
  • Geophysical Methods Fact Sheets
    Download factsheets on the range of geophysical techniques we deploy.
  • Sector Sheets
    Download factsheets relevant to your work sector.
  • Case Studies
    Download factsheets with examples from multi-technique projects showcasing the use of geophysics.
  • Technical Posters
    View a range of technical posters relating to the use of geophysics in the environmental and engineering sectors.
  • Research Papers
    RSK Geophysical play a key role in undertaking new research.
    View recent publications from our senior staff.
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  • Glossary of Terms
    Confused by the technical jargon? Click to find out more...