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About Us

RSK’s specialist geophysics team has a long-established track record providing high-quality professional, technical support services to the energy, property, transport, and public sectors. The geophysics team established itself as part of the STATS Limited business in 1999. Since that time we have developed a reputation for innovation and for high quality - high value geophysical surveys.

For example, we have written the United Nations standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the deployment of geophysical techniques during an on-site inspection under the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and continue to work with the UN on technology development and training exercises.

Our policy of using only qualified geophysicists to undertake geophysical surveys, and ensuring that the same personnel acquire the data on site and process and interpret in the office, sets us apart from the competition.

Our senior staff are Chartered through the Geological Society of London, and all survey designs and interpretative drawings are signed off by Chartered professionals.

Geophysical technologies can, when used correctly as part of an integrated site investigation, provide a great deal of valuable and detailed information not available by other means. There are, or course, situations when digging holes is the most appropriate solution. We take the utmost care to provide the best advice, especially where that is when not to use geophysics.

We collaborate with a number of universities and academic institutions in the UK and overseas. Our research is at the forefront of making geophysical technologies more accurate, more reliable, more efficient and more cost effective. This research work feeds directly into our approach to day-to-day project work, and to the training and engagement of our staff.

The techniques we most commonly use are described in our Technical Reference Manual. Now in its third revision, this book remains a popular and valued resource used for clients and consultants. It is also used as a teaching resource by some of the UK’s leading graduate and postgraduate geophysics courses.


In the last few years we have developed the SafeGround service stream to support our colleagues in RSK and Structural Soils through our permit to dig procedures.  We were concerned by the variable quality received in the past from subcontractors engaged to provide maps of buried hazards and clear areas for our intrusive investigations. A number of instances of unqualified subcontractors using geophysical equipment incorrectly prompted us to internalise this work, to accept the commercial liability, but also to take control of the quality of the surveys being done to keep our staff safe.

We now offer these services externally. More information on our SafeGround services, including Topographic Land Surveys can be found here:

Extended Capabilities

Whilst the Geophysics team core capability is based around non-intrusive investigation, we can offer a complete investigation service by working with our RSK colleagues in other areas including:

For a full range of services offered by RSK, please click here to download a summary of our capabilities or visit here:

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